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Aaton Transvideo AEC MicroSalon & Workshop

Visit us during MicroSalon AEC & Workshop Spain - Madrid

Demonstration at the ECAM, December 10th
Escuela de Cine y Audiovisual
Transvideo will present its latest products to the DOP students at 15:30.
Aaton Digital will demonstrate its latest products to the Sound students at 17:30 with the collaboration of IberAlp.
Aaton Digital Open Door day, December 12th, 10AM - 7PM
IberAlp, Manuel Montilla 10
Open door day in IberAlp with all the Aaton Digital technology by Jacques Delacoux.
Admission is free but limited capacity, please confirm assistance at info@iberalp.es or +34 913 45 87 66
Will be demonstrated :
CantarX3 and CantarMini
The Aaton Hydra, a RF integrated management directly from your Cantar.
The Cantaress, an advanced mixing surface with a super large screen and slim form factor.
The Cantarem2 as well as other new accessories.
AEC MicroSalon, December 14-15th
Visit us at Catts Camera´s booth and get hands on our latest and new products.
Will be on show for Transvideo :
The StarliteHD-m, a new touchscreen monitor-recorder with metadata aggregator. It is the Missing Link between Cameras, Lenses, Post Productions & VFX.
The StarliteHD+, a new version of StarliteHD with more powerful hardware.
The Stargate with its latest software as well as the CinemonitorHD X-SBL.
Click here to read more on Catts Camera website
Aaton Transvideo AEC MicroSalon & Workshop