Trade in Transvideo old monitor with CinemonitorHD redeem offer

The CinemonitorHD becomes CinemonitorUHD.
CinemonitorUHD has a new firmware with advanced peaking and 6G input ready.
New metadata extraction for /I lenses (Zeiss XD family now supported)

For an order of CinemonitorUHD 6'' or 8", trade in your old CinemonitorHD

We take back your CinemonitorHD Classic or Evolution
The trade in offer is valid for a purchase of CinemonitorUHD 6" SBL+, CinemonitorUHD 8" eSBL or CinemonitorUHD 8" X-SBL

Redeem offer for CinemonitorHD6 600€
Redeem offer for CinemonitorHD8 800€


2000 Nits display


up to 2500 Nits display


1000 Nits display

Terms and Conditions:
Promotional offer, valid on, or upon receipt of PO
Limited offer, valid until the end of stock.
Cannot be combined to any other promotional offer.
Delivery after receipt of the trade in monitor.