I've been using the cinemonitor II for couples of week and I must say that at the beginning I was'nt sure of the result. But after the first day on the job I knew I could relied on the cinemonitor II completely. I used to have a IIIa monitor and to frame 2:35 on a small stamp was always very frustrating. But now I see the light and more. Great big image that I can on the spot change as I want. 16:9 of anamorfic is no longer a problem. Even under the bright light of the desert of Marocco I see very well my frame. This is fantastic when you thing that it is a LCD monitor. I love to be able to change from green to color, specially when I'm filming inside and dont need the big brithness of the green. The menu is very friendly and easy to switch to different mode while I'm having my ring on (Never need to dock to ajust it). It doesn't drain down my batteries as fast as the IIIa used to and you can see exactly on the monitor how much voltage is still in the batteries....I love that feature!


But it's not only the monitor that I love, the people from TRANSVIDEO are very reliable and since I bought the cinemonitor II and the frame line generator they have been giving me a great service. When you travel a lot with your rig all around the world, it's good to know that if something happen you can count on them to help you resolve any problems.


François Perrier

Steadicam operator