For the winter-long shoot in the Alps of the making of the Dutch television serie “Snow Magazine VIPs.”, I knew that I needed some help for all those hand held shots while skiing.


"I worked for years with the Cinemonitor II for my Steadicam and have as well the rainbow 16/9 as a director unit viewing but I needed something much smaller to keep the weight of my betacam down, as it was already loaded with 3 Micron wireless microphones and a double batteries pack.
I turned again to TRANSVIDEO who suggested the new SuperBright Starlight (only 350g.). After the first day of shooting at -20 C° in the bright snow reflection on a beautiful sunny day, I was blown away by this little monitor. Not only could I see perfectly, I was amazed as well by its low power consumption (only 650mA at 12 volt). 
For 7 years I have been shooting on my ski looking with difficulties through an open viewfinder monitor (5cm x 4cm) until I discovered the Starlite. It really changed the way I could shoot those traveling shot with other skiers. The quality of the viewing is so good that sometimes I even did not look in the viewfinder to check focus! From now on, every times I get a new assignment the Starlite is always on top of the camera."