Georges Pernoud is a journalist presenter and producter of Tv programs in France.
He started as camera operator in 1969 at the french national TV (ORTF) and covered several expeditions of Haroun Tazieff in Congo and Ethiopia. 1973, his participation to the Whitbread saling race between Portsmouth and Capetown reveal his passion for the sea.
June 1975, he submit the project of Thalassa, TV program dedicated to the sea, the project is immediately approved, Georges still presents the program every week on France3.


Thalassa requests a lot of technical ressources to produce the program. Recently the use of body-rigs increased the flexibility of the takes.
Thalassa is using the Rainbow RF family with the Titan. Also the CineMonitorHD8 on the Sachtler ARTEMIS.


Artemis operator: Herve COLOSIO


Thalassa web site