"I first came across the Transvideo CineMonitor range whilst I was working at Tiffen Steadicam®.  It was clear to me that the Transvideo range offered many useful features for operators right out of the box, all contained within simple and easy to use menus and it didn't matter whether you were using SD or HD signals - which was a limit of the integral Steadicam® system at the time.


When building my rig, the Transvideo CineMonitorHD range was my first choice. In real world conditions everything I would need to set or I would want on the monitor is there, memorised and ready to go. I can tweak a frame line in seconds with plenty of options for presenting the frame and safe areas on the monitor. The level indicator, image flipping and focus helper are also incredibly useful tools and all are quickly and easily accessible.

I was also fortunate enough to visit the Transvideo factory in France and saw with my own eyes the care, expert engineering and attention to detail these great monitors are made with. I trust Transvideo, the build is robust, features are plentiful and this will be a monitor I will be using for the rest of my career."


James Elias
Steadicam® Operator