Follow John Radzik and his TRANSVIDEO 6"CinemonitorIIIa in this vibrant crowd.


"It was 96°F with 90% humidity in Panama City. I had to trim the rig down to handle the 85 lbs Photosonic 3D system. I saved 6 lbs by using the TRANSVIDEO CineMonitorIIIa SuperBright. Full sun, no hood, in the bright equatorial light, the image on the monitor was crystal clear. I will operate any time under the most extreme conditions with my 6" CineMonitorIIIa SB"


John Radzik,
Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator


John Radzik shooting a Photosonic 35mm 3D system on his Master Ultra, with TRANSVIDEO 6" CinemonitorIIIa SuperBright and Frameline Generator.