"There is really only one monitor to consider. Save yourself time and effort searching and buy the 5.8" 16/9 TRANSVIDEO. It is expensive but it's the best, strongest, most versatile (mounts top or bottom, inverts, 4:3 or 16/9, zoom, video termination on/off, power On/Off, and convenient knobs (versus slow menu driven controls). Very bright, can use 12 to 30v. Also splurge and get the Solid Black Hood.
This is my second TRANSVIDEO. The first one finally totally bit the dust after 4 years of being wrenched around by impatient Directors and DP's. That first one probably was in use for 800 days. At $50/day rental... but having to match rental houses discounts... it still probably earned at least $6000.
... And TRANSVIDEO International gave me a $200 credit for salvaged parts from my old TRANSVIDEO monitor.
I used my 5.8" 16/9 TRANSVIDEO tonight to operate a Betacam (I mostly work on motion picture shoots)... it was sharp enough to pull focus off of (saved me from having to bend over while doing a couple of hours of low angle shots) and light enough to easily do low angle handheld shots."


Mako Koiwai works in a wide range of capacities with Film & Video/HD cameras. He is also a very talented Still Photographer.


He sent us two wonderful stills from his recent job in Japan.