New wireless Transmission StarliteRF on its way...

After attracting much attention at InterBEE, BSCexpo and Micro-salon, StarliteRF is available for demo at BVE2016.

Focus-pullers find the solution suitable for mounting on ARRI's WCU-4 or Preston Hand Units. With a range of 200m (LOS), it can be used for monitoring and recording  shots from drones, gyro-stabilized remote systems, Steadicam and others camera rigs and gimbals.

Available from March 2016 in major rental house across the world.

StarliteRF: technical specifications

5” 3G-SDI touch screen OLED monitor/recorder with wireless  receiver built-in gives great versatility and the possibility to use it in many different ways.

New software release for StarliteHD5-ARRI

Keep your StarliteHD5-ARRI up-to-date with latest sofware Build 131a available for download. The 5" OLED monitor offer remote controls settings of Alexa Mini. (Build 131 available for Transvideo version)

Latest news...

#StarliteHD on Abbey Road for the promotion of #Zoolander2 - by Steven Gray

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If you are a Steadicam operator who adore his CineMonitorHD or a focus puller relying on Transvideo products, we want your best "behind the scenes" shots in the book.

Get ready for the new generation of 7" FHD Transvideo monitor : Stargate
Available from Spring 2016.

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