On « Oceans » as digital Imaging director, Ros was in charge of the marriage of the film and the digital, of the development of new customized digital tools. As director of photography, Ros ensured the quality of all the underwater night-time sections of the film and also those under the microscope.

"When the two directors of « Oceans », Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud asked me if it would be possible to achieve underwater travellings with using long lenses in a real coral reef at 5 meters deep, 16 miles offshore New Caledonia, I knew that for sure focus will be some kind of an issue!


In this case I always think that the solution is in the relationship that ,we DOP’s, share with the best manufacturers and the best technicians.


So my first phone call was with Jacques Delacoux, and I was the lucky one!


He proposed me the first prototype of the CinemonitorHD 8’’. The first tests we made with my focus puller on topside was amazing and I knew at this moment that I had the solution. 

So we created the « Gameboy » with Jacques Delacoux, Nicolas Polacchi and his team from HDsystems Paris (for the remote control of the focus and the iris) and with Jean-Claude Protta from Subspace Geneva for the underwater housing.


The tool was so reliable, efficient and friendly, the image had such a high quality level, that, Georges Evatt, the australian u/w focus puller, was able during u/w travelling, to follow little animals at the longer lens of a 17-112 mm Zeiss Digizoom at T 1,9 (approximativly a 280 mm in 35 mm!).


The possibility to zoom in was so usefull to check the focus that, no matter we where on topside or deep in the sea, we caught unexpected pin sharp shots. The lower consumption was highly appreciated, specially when we had to deal with long stay on the bottom.


Thanks to Transvideo to create such incredible tools!"


Philippe Ros

DOP and Digital Imaging Director, AFC



« Oceans »



The Gameboy (see pictures bellow)

100 m (300 feet) of distance between the camera and the remote (topside or underwater)

50 m (150 feet) deep

Transmission by wire


HDsystems: Nicolas Polacchi, Hervé Theys, Olivier Garcia



Subspace: Jean-Claude Protta