We have been doing 3D movie for over 15 years, from the day of 35mm film with FujiVision to now using own own rigging system.


We started to use TransVideo 3DView monitor as our prime Stereographer aids 2 years ago, and we are buying the 4th one for our 11th 3D feature movie shooting in mid October. More new 3D filming rigs will be design with the new ideas provided by Transvideo.


Currently we are starting of 10th 3D Movie filming in Thailand, TransVideo has been always as part of the MUST item in the packing list.


Some of the reason Photo of the Movie "Give me 5", shooting in Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong and Japan. Your new design for the monitor stand and handle make a lot o sense to our daily operations.


We do 3D post and distribution, too

Sex and Zen was shoot last Autumn, here are some photo, too


Percy Fung

Production Director

Film Magic/ Digital Magic/ i-Magic/ Heavy Optical