Why Roy Wagner, ASC has chosen TRANSVIDEO monitors on his two most recent TV Series:


One 10.4" and one 14" monitors are used by Roy and the Director, while two 6" Cinemonitors are set-up on-board the A camera and on the dolly. Equipped with Hermes or Pegasus wireless receivers, and the NP1 battery back TRANSVIDEO 10.4" and 14" monitors become highly portable. The Director is now able to walk around the set freely holding a 14" monitor package that weighs only 8 lbs (with receiver and battery).


Thanks to the Freeze Frame function it is possible to pause the monitor, walk up to the actors and show them the monitor image to discuss the scene.


Transvideo 14" 6 lbs has an image size comparable to that of a conventional 17" 45 lbs CRT. TRANSVIDEO 10.4" and 14" monitors are the only LCD color monitors displaying all three major formats: 4:3, 16:9 and Anamorphic.

Star TV host Sylvain Augier with Transvideo 10.4" High-Brightness monitor inside the cockpit of FRANCE 3 helicopter for the summer hit TV game Treasure Hunt.


This picture published in the magazine Telestar shows the performance of the monitor in full sun.