StarliteHD is available for delivery

The quantity is limited, don’t be late!

StarliteHD is availbale in September

StarliteHD+ and StarliteHD+ ARRI
917TS0177 StarliteHD+ monitor only, 1210€
917TS0177-p StarliteHD+ package, 1490€
917TS0178 StarliteHD+ ARRI monitor only, 1390€.
917TS0178-p StarliteHD+ ARRI package, 1800€.


With Metadata aggregator for Post-Production & VFX
Compatible with Canon, Cooke, Fujinon and Zeiss lenses.
917TS0142 StarliteHD-m monitor only, 1640€.
917TS0185 StarliteHD-m complete package, 2280€.

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