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Transvideo legendary monitors for film camera

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Starlite monitor

4" Starlite™ Monitor

4:3, 16/9
Green Screen & Black & White.

The Starlite™ provides the image sharpness necessary to a monitor-viewfinder in the smallest possible volume.
With a very wide viewing angle and good performance in full sun, it offers the convenience of a flip-out screen and the quality of a professional viewfinder.
The 2 metal potentiometers can be used by turning them (manual mode) or by pressing them(digital mode).

400€ ex-Works without VAT

Starlite color

4" Starlite™ Color Monitor

4:3, 16/9
Color, Green Screen & Black & White

Thanks to its extremely compact design, the 4" Starlite™ fits small body-rigs and light camera systems.It is so light and small it can be velcroed anywhere.
With its very wide viewing angles and high contrast ratio it is designed to operate in full sunlight without hood.
Current adjustments (tint, saturation, contrast & sharpness) are available at the user’s fingertips by turning the metal knobs.

450€ ex-Works without VAT

Rainbow II 910TS0032

5" Rainbow II™ Monitor

4:3, 16/9 and Anamorphic

With an outstanding viewing angle and optimized performance in full sun, 5" Rainbow II™ combines the simplicity of the original 5" Rainbow with advanced functions.
The image can be displayed in Full, Broadcast or Underscan modes.
The 4 metal potentiometers can be used by turning them (manual mode) orby pressing them (digital mode).
With a latency of less than 1 frame and a very crisp image, the RainbowII is a worldwide best-seller.

450€ ex-Works without VAT


6" CineMonitorIIIa™

4:3, 16/9 and Anamorphic
Color, Green Screen & Black & White

After listening to Directors, Operators and Assistants for several years, the 6" Cinemonitor™ III is born.
Thanks to the built-in Format Converter it is switchable between 4:3, 16/9 and Anamorphic. The 4:3 ratio with 16/9 extract lines and the 16/9 ratio with 14/9 lines help framing for today and tomorrow's editing.
The 6" Cinemonitor™ III can be set in Color, Green Screen and Black & White

680€ ex-Works without VAT

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