Intelligent wooden grip handle for cameras

Including remote & advanced functions - Delivered with free iOS app

Now available for RED DSMC 1/2 - more brands coming

Aaton-Cameras smart grip handle controls the functionality of cameras.
It features 6 position joystick, a scroll wheel and 3 user-assigned function buttons.

The handle is made in cooperation Mikael Lubtchansky - Foolcolor

See Full specifications here

Article: 917TS0190

Made in cooperation with Mikael Lubtchansky - Foolcolor, the handle is configured by Foolgrip mobile app via Bluetooth connection.
User can assign various functions to the handle, save them and more (see details in below FAQs)
The app is available for iOS at
Android version is coming.

It get powered via the camera and is delivered with a specific cable

See Full specifications here

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