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Truly universal, the Starlite Color accepts NTSC, PAL & SECAM, and is switchable between Color, Green Screen and Black & White

It offers the compactness of a flip-out screen with the quality of a professional viewfinder.

Advanced functions
Display modes, aspect ratios, flips as well as full, underscan and broadcast modes are activated by pushing the knobs. The Starlite Color also includes the Y waveform. The virtual horizon option can also be added.

Main Applications
High-End DV
Film School

Article: 910TS0055

Thanks to its extremely compact design, the 4" Starlite™ fits small body-rigs and light camera systems.It is so light and small it can be velcroed anywhere. With its very wide viewing angles and high contrast ratio it is designed to operate in full sunlight without hood. For extremely bright environment with a lot of reflected light (snow,sea, etc ...).
The Starlite Color monitor is manufactured according to Transvideo’s unmatched quality standards. The aluminium anti-vibrationhousing and protective glass ensure continuous operation in the most challenging environments

User-friendly interface
Current adjustments (tint, saturation, contrast &sharpness) are available at the user’s fingertipsby turning the metal knobs.

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