CinemonitorHD upgrade to UHD input board 6G / UHD / 3G / HD / SD - SDI
With UHD input board upgrade, the monitor will additionally support 6G / UHD.
UHD standard supported: 3840x2160 23_98p / 24p / 25p / 29_97p / 30p
3G Level A & B @48p supported

Full specifications here

Only for CinemonitorHD software 7.xx. For all previous versions, we can trade in old CinemonitorHD here
Upgrade at factory only

Article: 917TS0188

The CinemonitorHD becomes CinemonitorUHD.

CinemonitorUHD has a new firmware with advanced peaking and 6G input ready.
New metadata extraction for /I lenses (Zeiss XD family now supported)

Upgrade available for all CinemonitorHD software 7.xx

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